Spravato requested two videos that demonstrate the patient experience, and instruction for use. Since Spravato didn’t have any visual branding, I had to come up with the visuals that align with their logo and brand color. I’ve come up with clean, warm, approachable, modern designs to make the product more approachable to the patients.

Art Director
Lead Animator

Produced with JWT World Wide
Creative Director: Gene Nazarov
Producer: Jody Peters
Art Direction: Abigail Kim
Storyboard: Tony Neto
Design: Abigail Kim
Lead animator: Abigail Kim
2D Animation: DJ Shon, Marc Christo, Kriti Kaur, Mike Ricca, Matt Carr, Chris Solada, Yana Pan
3D Animation: Heehye Moon, Ali Jamali

After Effect

Patient Experience Video

Instruction for Use Video

Design & Animation Process

Sketches to Design

Rough Design to Final Design Scene

Character Outfit Change From Progression 

Character Facial Expressions

Serious, satisfied, concerned

Art Direction Process

Developed Character Design

Icon Designs for Website


Type Treatment Option

Transition Ideas

Storyboarding Progress

Initial Stage of Pitch

Character & style exploration

Character Outfit Exploration

Doctor Character Options

Storyboard for Motion Test 

Motion Test

to show the product usage in animation