Instagram : Shop From Creators

We helped creating a campaign to showcase Instagram’s latest feature—the ability to shop directly from the app with just a tap or a click. We were vibing with this colorful project where we handled edit, color correction, visual effects, UI graphic design, animation, and finishing.

Designer & Animator

Mutt Film
Director: Aaron Platt
Executive Producer: Beth George
Executive Producer: Shannon Lords
Producer: Natalie Warkenthien

Editorial/ VFX/Finishing: Chimney
Chief Operating Officer, NY: Jason Mayo
Executive Creative Dir: Gene Nazarov
Creative Director: Sean Eno
Design/ Animation: Abigal Kim
Animation: Keaton Tips
Lead Animation: Jeremy Greenberg
Editor: Rhys Stover
Assistant Editor: Zach Moore
Executive Producer: Jody Peters
Music & Mix: Duotone Audio Group

After Effect