IBM Cloud Flexibility

Havas was asked to create the videos that demonstrate the problems of using Cloud, and how IBM Cloud brings a solution to be flexible and manageable with the data connection. IBM Cloud wants to clearly present the three good things people say about Cloud that are not true, and present the solution with IBM Cloud.

Art Director & Designer 

Creative Director: Chad Shackelford
Producer: Colin Tarpey
Art Direction: Abigail Kim
Storyboard & Design: Abigail Kim
Motion Design: Kirok Kwon
Editor: Hanne Vaughn, Andrew Reuland
Sound Design: Antfood, Brandon Jiaconia

After Effect


This is an advertising video for IBM Cloud.  It directly presents three things people say about the Cloud which are not quite true, then provides the solution with IBM Cloud. The challenge was to clearly communicate those three perceptions through visuals and show the distinction between IBM Cloud and the other Clouds. The video should be imagery-driven, and design should be consistent and simple, so people can understand the content.

IBM Cloud (Simple) VS Problems of using other clouds (Complex)
To visually speak the difference between IBM Cloud and other clouds that carries complexity, the simple and clean imagery is used for IBM Cloud and the complex and detailed footages are used to describe other clouds.

Follow IBM Cloud Brand guideline
Also, the design In order to be more brand focused, IBM Cloud’s horizontal 8 bar grid is used in the design; the font, color systems are used as well.

CONCEPT: Emphasizing IBM Cloud’s Flexibility  
To communicate the flexibility of IBM Cloud, the animation style is continuous transition mostly from right to left within the 8 bar grid to give a sense of resilience.

Design Principle

Final Design boards

Previous Design Progress